segunda-feira, julho 16, 2007

To trust or not to trust...

To trust or not to trust... If you think about it, you'll realize it’s a tricky question!

Shakespeare once said:

Love all, trust a few.

But then again... Frank Crane does have a point when he said:
You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.
I know I tend to trust too much... And yes, I do get deceived a lot... And yet and I can’t change...
Should I change...?

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Tânia Pereira disse...

Of course not, don´t be ridiculous .You are what you became and that is also a "product" of your trust.

djamb disse...

You should never change to please others; you would just need to adapt yourself to YOU and live happily with it.
Are you with conscience troubles because you are asked to much? There are some who don't deserve it.
You should trust youself with this one ;)

Cuca disse...

yeah... I guess you're right... But sometimes the mind wonders...

Miguel disse...

Love all, trust a few ...!


Obrigado pela tua visita comentada!
Parabéns pelo teu blog ...!
Vou passar por cá mais vezes ...!

Bjks da M&M & Cª!

Bia disse...

deve-se sempre confiar... ás vezes sucedem desilusões confiamos e não deviamos... eu pessoalmente prefiro arriscar e confiar e quando me desiludo nada mais volta a ser como era...
mas ainda há muitas pessoas lindas em quem devemos confiar.
Um beijo grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee para ti.